Problems – Chapter 13



# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
B-13.01 pdf pdf excel Basic accounting for long-term note payable
B-13.02 pdf pdf excel Future value concepts
B-13.03 pdf pdf excel Present value concepts
B-13.04 pdf pdf excel Calculating note payments and preparing entries
B-13.05 pdf pdf excel Terminology relating to bonds
B-13.06 pdf pdf excel Bonds at par
B-13.07 pdf pdf excel Bonds at a premium, straight-line amortization
B-13.08 pdf pdf excel Bonds at a discount, straight-line amortization
B-13.09 pdf pdf excel Bonds at a premium, effective-interest amortization
B-13.10 pdf pdf excel Bonds at a discount, effective-interest amortization
B-13.11 pdf pdf excel Bonds issued between interest dates
B-13.12 pdf pdf excel Basic bond retirement
B-13.13 pdf pdf excel Debt analysis
B-13.14 pdf pdf excel Commitments and leases



# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
I-13.01 pdf pdf excel Future value and present calculations
I-13.02 pdf pdf excel Entries and calculations for notes payable
I-13.03 pdf pdf excel Bonds issued at a premium; effective interest
I-13.04 pdf pdf excel Bonds issued at a discount; effective interest
I-13.05 pdf pdf excel Team-based approach to bond pricing
I-13.06 pdf pdf excel Bond pricing, effective-interest amortization, and retirement



  Problem Description
1 excel Self-Grading Problem



Description Problem                              
Present and Future Value excel                              
Calculating a Note Payment excel                              
Notes Payable Tables and Entries excel                              
Bonds Terminology excel                              
Bond Pricing excel                              
Entries for Bonds excel                              
Financial Statement Presentation of Bonds excel                              
Effective Interest Table excel                              
Effective Interest Entry with Premium excel                              
Effective Interest Entry with Discount excel                              
Bonds Between Interest Dates excel                              
Retirement of Bond Issue excel                              
Analysis and Commitments excel                              

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