Problems – Chapter 18



# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
B-18.01 pdf pdf excel Identification of cost behavior characteristics
B-18.02 pdf pdf excel Fixed and variable cost calculations
B-18.03 pdf pdf excel High-low method of cost behavior analysis
B-18.04 pdf pdf excel Scattergraph (with regression option)
B-18.05 pdf pdf excel Break-even and target income
B-18.06 pdf pdf excel Break-even graph
B-18.07 pdf pdf excel Margin of safety
B-18.08 pdf pdf excel CVP for multi-product firm
B-18.09 pdf pdf excel Critical assumptions of CVP



# Problem Worksheet Combined Description
I-18.01 pdf pdf excel Evaluation of cost behavior
I-18.02 pdf pdf excel Team-based CVP analysis
I-18.03 pdf pdf excel Break-even and related analysis
I-18.04 pdf pdf excel Sensitivity analysis



Description Problem                              
Cost Behavior excel                              
High-Low Method excel                              
Method of Least Squares excel                              
Critical Thinking About Margins excel                              
Break-Even and Target Income excel                              
Sensitivity Analysis excel                              
Multiple Product CVP excel                              


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