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This dance of Codependence is a dance of dysfunctional relationships – of relationships that do not work to meet our needs.

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Codependency is about having a dysfunctional relationship with self!

With our own bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits. With our own gender and sexuality. With being human. Because we have dysfunctional relationships internally, we have dysfunctional relationships externally.

Codependency is an emotional and behavioral defense system which our egos adapted in early childhood to help us survive. We were raised in shame based, emotionally dishonest, Spiritually hostile environments by parents who were wounded in their childhoods by patriarchal, shame based civilization that treated children and women as property. We formed our core relationship with self in early childhood – and built our relationship with self, life, and other humans based on that foundation. Programmed to feel shame about being imperfect humans, and trained to be emotionally dishonest, we were set up to live life reacting to the emotional trauma and dysfunctional intellectual programming of childhood. Because we feel shame about being human, we have a relationship with life that does not work to bring us Joy or inner peace.

Codependence / Codependency

A Spiritual dis-ease

“Where the Codependence movement has evolved to now, what you’ll find the leading figures talking about in their latest books, is cultural Codependence.

The next step which I am proposing in the evolution of the term is to the level of Codependence of civilization. Codependence as the human condition!

The Codependence Recovery movement is not a fad! It is not a band-aid. It is not a quick fix. It is not “pop” psychology!

Codependence deals with the core issues of the human dilemma.

Codependence has grown out of the cause from which all symptoms arise. That cause is Spiritual dis-ease – not being at ease, at one with Spiritual Self. Not being able to be in balance, in harmony with the universe. All other diseases – physical, emotional, mental – spring out of, are caused by, Spiritual dis-ease. . . . . . . The condition of Codependence – which, as I said could more accurately be described as outer or external dependence – is the human condition as we have inherited it!”

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“This dance of Codependence is a dance of dysfunctional relationships – of relationships that do not work to meet our needs. That does not mean just romantic relationships, or family relationships, or even human relationships in general. The fact that dysfunction exists in our romantic, family, and human relationships is a symptom of the dysfunction that exists in our relationship with life – with being human. It is a symptom of the dysfunction which exists in our relationships with ourselves as human beings.”

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